92.2% repeating guests from all over the world 

“With more than 45 years of distinctive culinary experience, I am convinced that success comes down to this: One restaurant, in one location, serving the highest quality cuisine, the best service and a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy it.”

The experience of opening more than 19 restaurants and hotels (including five original Alfredo’s of Rome in the United States) have earned Mr. Christini significant recognition in the restaurant business. He has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards such as the Fine Dining Hall of Fame, the Ivy Award, the Best Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator Magazine, Zagat – “a treasure among restaurants”, and the latest acclamation “2015 Restaurateur of the year.” Christini’s impeccable reputation has drawn celebrities, dignitaries and professionals from all over the world.

Christini’s is not associated with any other restaurant in the United States.

Chris Christini, Italiano

Chris Christini

Owner and Chef

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"It is my pleasure to present to you the culmination of a lifelong dream.”

– Buon Appetito, Chris Christini