Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Christini's

Christini's is now open at 100 percent capacity.  Dinner Reservations are available seven days a week from 5 pm to 11 pm. We are also offering curbside takeout  from 3 pm to 10 pm.


A Message to Our Loyal Patrons from Chris Christini

To my loyal customers:

Chris Christini, owner of the best Italian restaurant in Orlando, holding a red rose

Deep in my heart, I believe we will overcome the situation faced by our world today and rise up stronger than before.  When I arrived in America, I ceaselessly pursued the American dream despite the odds.  Ultimately, my perseverance paved the way to our success and longevity today.  I know that you also possess this same fighting spirit and I am honored and touched by your friendship.   I am not only personally grateful for your continued support, but also for the gestures of generosity that you have shown to my staff.

Our commitment to culinary excellence and service remains our top priority. As always, our guests will continue to enjoy world class service at a 'social distance.

For those who prefer enjoying our delicious menu from home, we offer a wide selection of curbside pickup.  Should a dish you desire not appear on the takeout menu, our kitchen will be happy to furnish any special requests.

Christini's remains dedicated to fulfill your every wish and surpass your expectations.

God bless you and God bless America!

"With more than 45 years of distinctive culinary experience, I am convinced that success comes down to this: One restaurant, in one location, serving the highest quality cuisine, the best service and a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy it.”
~ Chris Christini, owner

Christinis is Not a Chain Restaurant. This the One and Only Christinis Restaurant.

Our culinary team assembles an outstanding menu of original recipes blending the classic Italian cuisine from selective regions of Italy.

Fine Dining in Orlando

Diners' Choice 2020 AwardAny world class travel destination is going to attract world class entrepreneurs particularly in the hospitality industry. In Orlando, one famed restauranteur has actually built a dining establishment along with a reputation and clientele that spans the entire globe. Chris Christini is proprietor of Christini’s Ristorante Italiano, the best restaurant Orlando.

A 5-star fine dining restaurant in Orlando along with a reputation that has actually allured celebrities, dignitaries, and professionals for over thirty years. Christini’s has actually also attracted accolades from some of the most respected culinary voices in the world lauded as a treasure among restaurants. The restaurant has actually become a perennial favorite of critics and celebrities alike because of a simple philosophy Chris Christini developed after forty five years in the culinary industry: One restaurant in one location serving the highest quality cuisine along with impeccable service in a friendly elegant atmosphere.

TripAdvisor's 2020 Travellers' Choice Award The culinary teams assemble an outstanding menu of original recipes blending the flavors of selective regions from the old country. The highly trained and knowledgeable staff offers flawless service and suggestions and a world class wine list. Italian art and a strolling musician grace the elegant and romantic dining room. A rose to each lady typifies Christini’s charm. Christini’s level of detail has actually become legendary in the restaurant industry. Christini’s Ristorante Italiano, an Orlando destination where epicurean old world delights come together to form an unforgettable experience.

Christini’s is not associated along with any other restaurant in the United States.

Best Restaurant in Orlando

Christinis Ristorante Italiano is one of the most awarded restaurants in the country and the owner and chef, Chris Christini, was named restaurateur of the year. As the owner and creator of  all of the recipes, Mr. Christini has the unique advantage of knowing every aspect of running fine dining restaurants.

This shows in the attention to detail in this world renowned Orlando fine dining Italian restaurant. Every painting and antique was chosen by Mr. Christini personally. Each ingredient in every dish is selected using the highest standards. Even the olives and olive oil are flown in from his farms in Europe.

Those here for conventions love the private and semi private areas for their business dinners. Others who flock here for romantic dinners and anniversaries, love how each woman is given a rose at the end of their meal.

Come see for yourself why Christinis is thought of as the best Italian restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Our Menu

To Enter Christini's is to Enter Italy

We have a saying at Christini's Ristorante Italiano that "to Enter Christini's is to Enter Italy" and rather than it being a mere slogan to attract customers, it's something that we live by every single day. Achieving our status as one of the best Italian restaurants in Orlando, FL has not happened by accident, but rather through a combination of culinary excellence, the sourcing of the freshest and finest ingredients available and a dedication to offering a truly world-class fine dining experience.

The Christini's in-house culinary teams, ably led by our owner and founder, Chris Christini, have assembled a first-class menu of original recipes that offer a wonderful blend of the tastes, textures and flavours from the old country. Our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff have a passion for delivering flawless service and the superlative atmosphere in our amazing dining room is simply second to none.

Walk through the front doors of our restaurant - one that customers and critics alike consider the very best fine dining experience in Orlando - and you'll be met by walls adorned by fine Italian art, a strolling musician playing requests on his accordion for the happy diners and an ambience that justifies Christini's legendary reputation in the restaurant industry. Whether looking for a location to impress clients, to enjoy some Italian comfort food or to take someone special for a romantic evening, you're guaranteed fine epicurean old-world delights and an utterly unforgettable experience.

Fine Dining for Convention Goers

Located in Orange County near the Orlando Convention Center, Christini's has a long and proud history of providing first-class fine dining facilities for convention-goers and entrepreneurs, as we are able to cater for large groups of people, whilst maintaining our exacting culinary and service standards.

Our wonderful fine-dining venue on Restaurant Row is perfectly set up for catering for groups of up to 54 at a time in our famed 'Ivy Room'. This intimate, but spacious room allows for large convention groups to dine together, with a la carte and set group menus available. Where others might find it hard to accommodate such large numbers and not let their levels of customer service drop, you can always trust Christini's to deliver and it's why convention-goers view us as the best restaurant near the Orange County Convention Center.

Gourmet Fine Dining Experience

One of the primary reasons that Christini's Ristorante Italiano has been able to develop the reputation it has for being one of the top 5-star fine dining restaurants is that it's not part of a chain and is not associated with any other restaurant in the United States.

So, it was decided long ago to focus on one restaurant in one location that served the highest quality cuisine, backed by impeccable service in a friendly, elegant and welcoming atmosphere. It's a philosophy that has attracted accolade after accolade from some of the most respected culinary voices in the world and led to the restaurant being lauded as 'a treasure among restaurants'.

Regular Celebrity Visitors

Being known as the best provider of fine dining, atmosphere and ambience in Orlando, has, for many years, attracted celebrities from stage, screen, music and sport through our doors. From Michael Douglas to Shaquille O'Neal to Mick Jagger, they've all been in to sample the singularly unique Christini's experience. So, if you do come and visit us when you're in the area, don't be surprised if you look up and see someone famous across the room from you - for us, it's quite a regular occurrence!

You don't, however, need to be a VIP to feel like one in the best restaurant Orlando, as the VIP treatment is something that we offer to every one of our patrons. Our front of house team make it their business to make you feel special and if you don't leave feeling like the most important person in the establishment from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, we won't feel like we've done our job properly.

For us, excellence comes as standard.

First Class Service Both in the Kitchen & Front of House

For our customers to feel like they really are in one of the best Italian restaurants Orlando, Florida or even anywhere outside of Italy, a great deal of effort goes into perfecting everything both in the kitchen and front of house. We achieve the first part by having only the best and brightest chefs in the business creating both authentic Italian classics and modern takes on recipes from the old country. Under the stewardship of Mr Christini - a chef who himself has years of experience in working in top kitchens both in the US and Rome - the Christini's culinary team are guided to create dishes that stimulate the eye, the tastebuds and the mind, all in equal measure.

Equally as much work and dedication have been put into ensuring that the Christini's front of house team are able to complement our superlative cuisine with world-class service that stays with our clientele long after they leave. When we talk about ambience and experience, we're talking about every facet of our customers' visit, from how attentive our table staff are, to the sublime choice of fine wines available to enjoy. Only by taking this much care in details that others might not deem to be important can we offer a seamless and unforgettable experience.

An Award-Winning Experience

As we mentioned earlier, Mr Christini has won awards throughout his career, picking up the 2015 Restaurateur Hall of Fame Award. However, since it opened back in 1984, so has his restaurant. In fact, Christini's Ristorante Italiano is one of the most decorated restaurants in the entire United States of America. We have hit the heights of culinary excellence consistently over the last 30 years and more, during which time we have become known as one of the best Italian restaurants Downtown Orlando.

The personalised service and classic dishes that we offer have garnered numerous distinctions of which we're rightly proud, including the Millennium International Award of Excellence as one of America's Top 100 20th Century Restaurants. Christini's has also been critically acclaimed during this period, gaining admiration and recognition from competitors and food critics alike.

The Perfect Location for Special Occasions

When a special occasions come around, you want to do something memorable and wonderful for the person in question and what better place than Christini's to do so? Our unforgettable atmosphere is something that lives long in the memory of anyone who joins us and it's memories like these that are the most special kind of gift you can offer.

Whether sampling the electric atmosphere of the main dining room or having a more private and intimate experience in one of our semi-private mezzanine areas, the person the occasion is being held for will realise just how much you mean to them. Or it could be a joint affair, where a group is celebrating a special date or event where all in attendance has a time they'll be recounting to their friends well into the future.

In either sense, Christini's Ristorante Italiano is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to do something extra special to mark a special occasion, which is why so many of our patrons choose to do so.

Five Star in Every Sense of the Word

In our 30+ years of serving the finest food in Florida, we have consistently set the bar of what fine 5-star dining really represents. We offer a sophistication that you will notice the moment you walk in and the northern Italian dishes we create draw guests in to see us from all around the globe. We've also assembled a world-class wine selection sourced from South America, Australia, Europe and California for your delectation.

Many establishments claim to offer 5-star dining, but we believe that we are the only restaurant in Orlando to achieve what this rating should deliver, day in day out. Those with a discerning palate and an understanding of what fine dining really means find themselves becoming one of our regulars - even if it's just once a year, on holiday. Once you've tried real 5-Star dining, you won't want anything less next time!

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"Wife and I went for our 23rd anniversary last week and WOW! Amazing food, attentive yet discreet service and a beautiful atmosphere. Will definitely be back - and we won't wait until next year's anniversary!"

~ Steve M.